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D2 was born out of Gateway in 2004. We are an integration of product designers, coders, program managers, technical writers, graphic designers, editors, behavioral scientists, engineers, technicians, testers, patent agents, and business people.

At D2, we strive to make your products and services better. We are the advocate for your customers. By analyzing what we see and hear, our team can tell you what customers like and what’s causing problems. We have a unique set of tools, techniques and talents to give you insightful and practical recommendations.

We could say that we’re consultants but, in truth, we’re really more like partners. We get to know the real you—your mission, customers, products, and services—then actually help you do the work. We are innovative, yet realistic.

The result? Happy customers. Increased ratings. More sales. Less work on your plate. When you think about it, wouldn’t that make your life a lot better?

But enough about us – we want to hear about you. Listening is what we do best.

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