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Helping a B2B company market to consumers

A world leader in laptop innovation wanted to grow in the consumer space. Marketing efforts worked and sales increased. Unfortunately, support costs did too and resulted in a very public drop in customer satisfaction ratings. Siloed efforts within the company to fix the problem failed and D2 was called in to help.


We performed a number of activities utilizing a Voice of the Customer approach. In order to understand and clearly define the problem, we started with a data assessment to evaluate data sources, data quality and where key information was missing. From there, we moved into data analysis. Through our modeling and analysis methods, we were able to pinpoint the biggest problem areas. We conducted focused behavioral science studies, such as customer surveys, competitive analysis, and heuristic evaluations. These efforts led to improved product specs, customer communication pieces, packaging, and proper tech support and outside salesforce training. We also helped with process improvement on the handling of returned units.


Results were not immediate. It takes a while to understand necessary changes, then even longer to have those changes flush through the product pipeline. But we worked with this company on this project over a 2-year timeframe and they realized a drop in tech support calls and returns, as well as increased customer satisfaction ratings. Looking only at the returns savings, this brand realized a $40 million savings over the two years. This does not include savings from reduced calls or the impact of improved customer satisfaction. The cost for D2 work was approximately $100K.

We did make a difference in the laptop line. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to impact the culture and, when layoffs occurred, the effort was discontinued and did not achieve its full potential.


400X (conservatively) - $100,000 invested, $40,000,000 realized

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