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Keeping laptop power adapters sold

When data revealed that laptop power adapters sold by an international consumer electronics retailer had a high return rate, product developers and managers said it was common with this type of product and voiced doubt that anything could be done to improve the situation. In the meantime, returns continued to rise and customer ratings plummeted.


After analyzing sales, support, customer satisfaction, and returns data, we began to understand issues faced by customers. There was more than one problem with the adapter. We identified a number of opportunities and worked with our client to develop a plan to improve the product.

Using a variety of usability tests and studies to evaluate the power adapters from a customer’s point of view, we discovered that the power adapters actually worked fine but customers had difficulty finding the right tip. Additional studies provided yet more insight and, in the end, we collaborated with both our customer and their supplier to improve the product, packaging, website, and support materials.

Leveraging data and usability input, we redesigned communications materials, including end-user documentation and packaging, to improve effectiveness and usability. The end result was a user-friendly cohesive communications plan that offered consistent messaging at the same time it strengthened the brand.


Looking at returns only, this brand realized a $4 million savings. This does not include savings from reduced calls or the impact of improved customer satisfaction. Approximate cost was $25K.


162X (conservatively) - $25,000 invested, $4,000,000 realized

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