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Reversing high TV returns & calls, low ratings

After launching a line of private label TVs, a Fortune 500 consumer electronics retailer almost immediately experienced issues with return rates and tech support calls and low customer ratings. The Vice President of Product Development turned to D2 for help.


We started with our holistic Trifecta methodology, which was already in place with the retailer and turned our attention directly on TVs. We performed a number of behavioral science studies, analyzed data, and evaluated the communication pieces, including user docs and packaging. We identified a number of opportunities and worked with our client to develop a plan to improve the product.

Leveraging all of the information gathered, we redesigned communications materials, created a customized on-screen TV menu (which we still maintain and update to this day), and suggested numerous product changes. We continue to analyze TV data on an annual basis, resulting in continuous improvement to the product line.


We have worked on the TV effort with this company for over three years and have seen tremendous improvements over that time. They have realized a drop in tech support calls, a drop in returns, and an increase in customer satisfaction ratings. Looking at returns only, this company realized an $88.3 million savings over the three years. This does not include the savings from reduced calls or the impact of improved customer satisfaction. The cost to them for D2 work was approximately $88k.


1000X (conservatively) - $88,000 invested, $88,300,000 realized

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