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Successfully supporting a TV mount launch

The founder of a TV mount company (let’s call him “Tim”) wanted to serve his customers better than anyone else. His timing was perfect. The digital TV mandate in the U.S. had triggered an upshot in flat screen sales and customers needed a new way to display their TVs. Tim called D2 to help him create a great customer experience.


We know that outstanding setup is essential to a great customer experience so our goal was to come up with a simple, intuitive, and exceptional setup guide that Tim’s customers could rely on. To do that, we assembled a team consisting of a technical writer, graphic designer, behavioral scientist, patent agent, and engineer.

Working with the product, we discovered that it was confusing and too heavy for easy installation. Working with the product team, we also learned that a major player in the TV mount industry was suing for patent infringement on a mount mechanism used across the product line.

With our team’s expertise and industry knowledge, we removed material to lighten the weight and make the mount easier to handle. This reduced both shipping and material costs. We also created a new and improved quick start guide that doubled as a wall mount template. Customers could drill holes through it and assemble the mount on top to ensure perfect assembly. Then, like a tear-away football jersey, the guide could be pulled out from behind the mount. To top it off, we reimagined how the hardware components were presented to the customer to eliminate confusion and part loss.


The new TV mount was a success and the changes we introduced were applied across the product line. Customer satisfaction and sales increased while product and support costs dropped. Profits grew dramatically. Tim’s company was able to successfully avoid litigation and even asked D2 to help them develop their own patent portfolio.

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