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Our mission is to create happy customers by listening, observing, thinking, and acting on their behalf. We are blunt, yet respectful; innovative, yet frugal; creative, yet real. Why do we do this?
Because it is the right thing to do.


Books for Budding Brains mission is to help kids develop a love of reading. We do this by collecting new and gently used books and distribute them to Siouxland children who need them.



D2 was born in 2004 with little backing, lots of know-how, and a fearless focus on providing great customer service.



Tony Olson

Tony Olson continues to contribute to the creation of a wide range of compelling consumer products. He has been doing this for over 30 years. Currently, Tony is the President of Documents and Design LLC (aka D2).

Over the last 10 years, Tony and his team have built D2 into one of the leading companies that specializes in understanding the end-customer. D2 continues to break new ground in the use of scientific methods from disparate disciplines to truly understand both the mind of the consumer and the functioning of the product. D2 knows how to listen to and communicate with consumers.

Prior to founding D2, Tony led the Engineering team at Gateway for 10 years. As Vice President of Engineering and Product Development, he was responsible for guiding the worldwide engineering development effort across all Gateway products, including desktop, notebook, server PC platforms, along with TVs and all other consumer electronic product lines. In addition, Tony directed advanced engineering, system development, industrial design, and sustaining engineering as part of this role. He served as Gateway’s executive sponsor for high level technical initiatives with Microsoft, Intel, and other strategic technology providers.

Prior to joining Gateway in 1991, Tony was employed by Zenith Data Systems, where he attained the position of director of engineering for desktop products. He, along with the other members of the Leadership team, helped ZDS become the number 2 volume manufacturer in the PC industry.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a Master of Science degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering Design from the University of Massachusetts. He is the holder of approximately two dozen patents and was one of the designers of the PC industry’s first cache memory controller.

Liz Roscovius

With nearly 20 years of experience in the communications field, Liz Roscovius has managed information development efforts, such as technical documentation, marketing support and communications research, for a variety of global retail and industrial clients.

Prior to joining D2, Liz was employed at Gateway. There, as part of the Customer Experience team, she led several brand and product marketing initiatives and developed innovative packaging and multimedia solutions. In addition, she implemented a new quality control process for documentation deliverables and managed both domestic and overseas print vendors. She’s earned nearly 40 awards in professional competitions, with several advancing to the international level.

Her background includes expertise in content strategy, visual design and marketing, along with project management and process compliance. She leads a diverse team of professionals toward a shared goal: to create communications materials that reflect the brand, target the right audience and fit the product or service.

Liz holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art, from the University of Wisconsin, and in Mass Communications from Briar Cliff University. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Communications & Journalism from the University of Nebraska.

Wayne Pruchniak

For over 20 years, Wayne Pruchniak has worked to create great consumer products, and to design and implement computer systems, with the goal of helping users understand and better utilize technology.

Wayne works to serve as the bridge between technology and the people who will use it, and pushes new techniques and technology in all areas of D2. He looks for new ways to analyze data, to extract themes and learn what the customer is saying through various, disparate data sources. As manager of the Information Technology group, he sets architecture for new computer systems, works with the team to troubleshoot technical issues, and explains issues and solutions to customers in terms they can understand.

Prior to joining D2, Wayne worked for nearly 10 years at Gateway. As a part of the Customer Experience group, he developed Gateway’s first Setup poster, developed and helped implement user interface standards for servers and PC components, and was responsible for the out of box software experience for PCs.

Wayne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a minor in Human Factors. He is a contributing author for computer programming books, holds multiple patents, and is passionate about home theater, home automation, and all things automotive.